Sponsoring Update: Fractal Design
22.10.2023 - 15:05 Uhr

Auch Fractal Design konnten wir für die TT-LAN 37 Gewinnen:

At a glance

Fractal Design is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium PC hardware including cases, cooling, power supplies and accessories.

Based in Gothenburg and with offices in the US as well as Taiwan, Fractal Design has gained a global reputation for innovative design, elegant aesthetics and solid build quality. Fractal Design products are available in over 45 countries worldwide, and are still growing.

It was just an idea

What if you made a case that was built on design and function, rather than flair and fanfare? That is what created Fractal Design: one single idea being sold one order at a time, all over Europe. The keyword here is “idea”, because this was before even a single prototype existed. Many said no thanks, but more than enough said “yes” to take us confidently from napkin sketches all the way to mass production.


The Define R2 was a game-changer. We started getting emails from people all over the world, wanting to buy our case. Distributors who had turned us down were suddenly calling us back with a change of heart. The R2 struck a chord in the marketplace, and its success gave Hannes the artistic license and credibility to push forward.

Fast forward

We’ll skip ahead here. Because while the differences between models are interesting and noteworthy in themselves, the broad strokes paint a clear picture of our first ten years. The forces that drives us are still the same. We’re reinventing, rediscovering and developing as we go, but we always stay true to the same guidelines.

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